Mindsectivity is the new way of being
more productive and effective

We will go beyond the issue of improving personal/professional productivity and performance. Three different concepts were combined to achieve better results.

Mindset and how it influences the way we see Time, Work, Productivity and Effectiveness. As far as productivity goes. How we use our energy to generates results, and lastly the effectiveness the measuring of the impact that I have on those around me and on myself.

To support all of these concepts, we designed this productivity and effectiveness program based on seven pillars. They are essential to achieve our goals with less time and effort. 

Downloading our abstract you will understand the importance of each pillar and why the synergy between them makes all the difference.


LUMEN brings corporate education solutions focused on our customer’s challenge. We believe that this corporate education needs to be simple, relevant and easy to apply, after all, the results must come at the same pace as the changes we face today. Throughout our history, we have also seen that such challenges are faced in a personal way and therefore we customize solutions for people. 

LUMEN’s history began in 2014, operating mainly in Brazil. With solutions in corporate education and training in leadership, communication, collaboration, conflict management… This model has allowed us to have great partnerships with customers in different segments such as banking, government, energy, automobile… 

From this experience, we come to know the needs and challenges of corporate education in medium and, mainly, large companies. With complex staff and multiple teams to be led, these organizations face the great challenge of aligning all fronts on the same common goal.